Annie Immerman
My love of photography started at a very young age of 7. My first camera was a Polaroid camera. Then I went to a 110mm Mickey Mouse camera to a 35mm camera that was pink. I took photos of whatever I could. The majority of them were taken at zoos. I also have a talent of design that started in middle school when I joined the yearbook club. I continued with yearbook club though out high school. Not only did I design my senior yearbook pretty much myself but I was also the main photographer.
After high school I got my first digital camera then I upgraded to a nicer camera which I was then able to photograph sporting events (like soccer games, basketball, swimming, ect.) at my high school as well as offer my services for seniors who were unable to pay to have their senior photos taken at a studio. That is when I would offer my services to the high school for seniors to get their photos taken at a very low price. So no one would be left out of having a beautiful picture.
My first wedding I took pix of was my best friend which I was also in. It was a bit hard but that is when I found that I loved to make peoples memories last forever.
I like talking to my clients before hand to get an idea of what they have in mind for their photos, their likes and dislikes, what backgrounds they would like to have what props they would like to include. I like to make my clients feel comfortable.

Annie Immerman